Who we are

We are an interdisciplinary group of professionals and academics dedicated to improving Nursing education in Canada with a focus on 2SLGBTQ+ issues.

Our Team

Benjamin Carroll

In my PhD in nursing at Queen’s, I am interested practitioners’ co-creation of cultural safety in clinical practice with patients, especially in care of gender identity minority patients.  Examination of the theoretical underpinnings of these concepts has provided me with an understanding of non-judgemental, collaborative communication and culturally humble practice. My teaching and clinical  experiences have included applying these practices in my interactions with nursing students, families, and patients, in primary care, pediatric acute care, and most recently in telehealth and outbreak management in Ottawa Public Health’s COVID-19 response.

Lillian Chumbley

Lillian Chumbley MA (she/her) is an elearning professional and Instructional Designer with
20 years in development and management of online learning programs. Her research focuses on accessibility in online, virtual simulation and digital tools for education.

Marian Luctkar-Flude

Marian Luctkar-Flude RN, PhD, CCSNE (she/her) is an Associate Professor at the Queen’s University, School of Nursing and Co-President of the Canadian Alliance of Nurse Educators using Simulation (CAN-Sim). Dr. Luctkar-Flude has extensive experience with high-fidelity patient simulation, interprofessional education and online learning. Her current program of research focuses on virtual simulation game design, presimulation preparation approaches, and faculty development. She was the 2019 recipient of the Principal’s Educational Technology Award at Queen’s University for advancing the use of technology such as virtual simulation games in undergraduate nursing education, and the 2019 CASN Pat Griffin Nursing Education Research Scholar Award.

     Twitter: @marianlflude 

     Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/marian-luctkar-flude-1201642a/

     CAN-Sim: http://can-sim.ca/

     Queen’s University: https://nursing.queensu.ca/luctkar-flude

Chris Shortall

Chris Shortall (he/they) B.Sc.H. (Psych/Soci) M.Sc. (Med) Applied Health Services Research is a queer academic, activist and researcher based in Newfoundland.

Jane Tyerman

Jane Tyerman RN, PhD, CCSNE (she/her) is an Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa, School of Nursing. She has over 24 years of experience in direct clinical practice (medical-surgical, critical care, mental health) and over 16 years as a nurse educator.  Dr. Tyerman is co-Principal Investigator for the Make it Better Sexual Orientation and Gender Identify (SOGI) Nursing Education Toolkit. She has made significant contributions to nursing education through advancing the pedagogy that underpins the effective use of clinical simulation, as well as through her innovative use of technology (virtual simulation) to expand equity and access to high-quality teaching and learning resources. Through her work as co-President of the Canadian Alliance of Nurse Educators Using Simulation (CAN-Sim) she has co-lead in the development of over 30 virtual simulation games where her contributions to clinical simulation motivate and stimulate nursing students to think critically and creatively. She is one of the first nurse educators to receive the Certified Canadian Simulation Nurse Educator (CCSNE) designation from the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing (CASN).

     Twitter: @janetyerman

     Linked Inhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/jane-tyerman-rn-mscn-phd-ccsne-24a84467/

     CAN-Sim: http://can-sim.ca/

     Ottawa University: https://health.uottawa.ca/nursing/people/tyerman-jane

Erin Ziegler

Erin Ziegler PhD, NP-PHC is a primary care nurse practitioner and Assistant Professor in the Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing at Ryerson University. Erin’s clinical practice is focused on providing primary care to LGBTQ2SA individuals. Her research focuses of the delivery of primary care to LGBTQ2SA individuals and advanced nursing practices and education. She is a faculty member with the Canadian Centre for Advanced Practice Nursing Research. She was awarded the CIHR Hacking the Knowledge Gap award which funded this project.

Resulting Research and Publications

This project has resulted in numerous academic presentation and publications. Here are just a few:

Ziegler, Erin, Benjamin Carroll, and Chris Shortall. “Design Thinking in Nursing Education to Improve Care for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex and Two-Spirit People.” Creative Nursing 26.2 (2020): 118-124. https://doi.org/10.1891/CRNR-D-20-00003  

Luctkar-Flude, M., Tyerman, J., Ziegler, E., Carroll, B., Shortall, C., Chumbley, L., & Tregunno, D. (2019). Developing a Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Nursing Education Toolkit. Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing, 51(9), 412-419. https://doi.org/10.3928/00220124-20200812-06